Use professional photos on your website

30 Oct

Professional photos on your website can increase sales

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or what you’re selling, your website needs professional photos. Why? Because your potential customers will oftentimes make a purchasing decision based on the photography your website presents. Hotels already know that photos can make or break their marketing. Imagine deciding between one hotel that displays professional guest room photos with awesome lighting and amazing composition versus one that has basic snapshots from an old smartphone. Which are you more inclined to connect with? If you don’t like what you see, or the photographs don’t entice you, you’ll probably go somewhere else.

The same is true for retailers. Whether you’re looking to improve sales on your e-commerce product pages or heighten engagement and conversion through social media, professional photos can make the difference. It is no secret that consumers consider image quality to be very important when browsing or buying online. Investing in clear, high resolution photography is vital for businesses. Here are some examples of good product photography.

1. Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd.

Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd. is a company that needs no introduction! Just about everyone is familiar with Marie Sharp’s original recipes of pepper sauces, jams, and jellies that were created with wholesome locally farmed habanero peppers, various fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. We were honored to photograph their products for their website. Check them out at

2. Sri-Luck Plastics Ltd.

Sri Luck Plastics Ltd. is the premier bottle manufacturer in Belize. They have been producing PET bottles and caps since 2004 and continue to expand their product line to better serve their customers. Check out their website at

3. Cuellos Distillery Ltd. 

Cuello’s Distillery, based in Orange Walk Town, has remained focused on creating quality spirits for several decades.  Their line of Caribbean Rum has been making inroads into the local rum and cocktail scene over the last 10 years and has become one of the top selling line in the country. Cuello’s is a family-owned business with roots that go back 60 years. Check out their website at


4. L & R Liquors

With decades of knowledge and experience in the rum industry, the Old Master Rums’ distilling plant is the only distillery that can be called 100% Belizean. It is the only distillery which boasts the first column stills made by Belizean craftsmen. L & R Liquors plans to remain family oriented, and will be passed on to a third generation of Cuello children. Check out their website at

All the products in this blog were photographed and edited in our studio. If you would like to arrange a product photo shoot for your website, or if you need professional photos for any other marketing initiative, contact us! We also have significant experience with hotel photography, so let us know if we can help.