NGOs need effective websites too

24 Oct

Non-Government Organizations and Nonprofits Need Effective Websites as much as Businesses Do

Companies already understand the importance of investing in a website. NGOs and nonprofits also need effective websites. Not only will a good website provide a useful communication channel, but it will also help an organization to project an image of professionalism and structure.

Friends for Conservation & Development (FCD) is a fine example of an organization that makes good use of its websiteFCD is a non-profit, non-government organization based in the Cayo District. FCD is the only non–government organization with an assertive management presence in the Chiquibul Forest, representing 7.7% of the Belize’s national territory.

FCD’s website provides updates by sharing the latest news, and keeps the public informed about its various programs, including wildlife protection. In the resources section, there are several newsletters and documents available for download that provide extensive details on the work of the organization. But why is this so important? Here are three reasons why NGOs need an effective website:

1. Increases the legitimacy of the organization

A website helps current and future donors, as well as partners understand the role of the organization, and solidifies your professionalism and legitimacy when soliciting support. Websites are perfect tools for social sharing and brand discovery, which helps in fulfilling the organization’s mission.

2. Convenient communications tool

A website is the easiest way to provide others with loads of information about what the organization stands for. When anyone requests information, simply point them to the website as a starting point. You will also increase your audience beyond local partners and donors, and have the capability of spreading your message and getting support for your cause worldwide. A good website also allows you to build new relationships with potential advocates and volunteers.

3. Online Marketing is Less Costly

Online marketing is less costly and time-consuming than traditional campaigns. An effective website can actually be a good method for collecting donations, engaging new donors, and increasing awareness. Most NGOs have limited budgets, so a strong online presence is definitely a cost-effective and efficient way to build awareness for any cause.

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