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06 Feb

“Belize” for Sale at Major Online Retailers!


  While conducting digital marketing research for one of our clients, we kept bumping into products that use “Belize” as the product name, style or model.  We found it both entertaining and interesting since we do not know what the copyright implications are for a country name (Intellectual Property experts

30 Jan

IdeaLab Studios is 15 Years Young!

By Demian Solano, Founder IdeaLab Studios It was the late 90’s and Belize was an exciting time for a creative soul armed with a computer and a funny sounding pc card called a modem.  The Internet and access to the World Wide Web had finally arrived and it opened a

29 Jan

5 Belize Social Media Statistics You Should Know

Look around you… chances are someone close to you is on social media right now!  Social media in Belize now reaches almost a third of the population and is growing daily.  More interesting for digital marketing professionals is the fact that it is fast becoming the preferred medium for entertainment, communications,

24 Jan

Fort George Hotel & Marina

Fort George Hotel & Marina is old world charm meets modern style. Located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, in Belize City’s historic Fort George area…

05 Jan

Wataview Belize

Wataview is a luxurious five bedroom vacation home that features resort style amenities with the comfort and seclusion of a private home, including its own swimming pool, hot tub, tennis court with basketball net, home gym, outdoor bar and a spacious beautifully decorated interior.

28 Oct

Splash Wave Tours

Even though business owners are focused on day-to-day operations, the owners of Splash Wave Tours understand the importance of building a modern, user-friendly responsive website as the foundation of their digital marketing strategy.