Digital Marketing Blog

05 Oct

The Windward Lodge

Whether you live in Belize, or you’re visiting, the interesting thing about traveling here is that you can find a different experience just about every time you embark on a journey.The Windward Lodge is located on Tobacco Caye.

04 Oct

Simon Quan

Simon Quan Ltd. is a legendary part of Belizean history and culture, and has set a great example of how we can work very hard to earn success, and go more than the extra mile in business and in life.

03 Oct

Belize Vacation Partners

When two or more hotels work together, great things happen. Belize Vacation Partners is a shining example of this kind of partnership.

02 Oct

Belize Volleyball

Our involvement in sports marketing has been a very fulfilling experience. We had the pleasure of working with the Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) to help promote the recent  2018 Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship that was held at the Civic Center in Belize City from August 4-8, 2018.

25 Sep

Belize Hotel Association

We were proud to work with the team at the Belize Hotel Association to redesign their new website, which was officially launched a couple months ago.

14 Sep

NexGen Central TV & Internet

We were pleased to work with Central TV & Internet to improve their digital marketing with a newly redesigned NexGen website. NexGen is the “next generation” of TV and Internet.

15 Aug

Caye Caulker Realty

We are happy to have worked with Caye Caulker Realty to improve their digital marketing efforts with a newly re-designed website.

13 Aug

Facebook Page Vs. Company Website – Which is Better?

FACEBOOK PAGE VS. COMPANY WEBSITE – WHICH IS BETTER?   Belize Businesses are asking themselves this question every day.  With the advances and sophistication of social media networks such as Facebook today, it may sound tempting to ditch your company website.  Don’t!  Here’s why:   1. You need a Hub