5 Belize Social Media Statistics You Should Know

29 Jan

belize-social-media-statisticsLook around you… chances are someone close to you is on social media right now!  Social media in Belize now reaches almost a third of the population and is growing daily.  More interesting for digital marketing professionals is the fact that it is fast becoming the preferred medium for entertainment, communications, consuming news content and doing business.

With so many eyeballs and time spent on these channels, marketers are finding creative new ways to reach the right customers for much less time and money than on traditional media.  As with all marketing campaigns knowing your audience is key!

Here are 5 Belize social media statistics you should know:


1. There are more than 165,000 Internet users in Belize 67% of whom are active on social media.

2. There are more women active on social media with 55% female to 45% male on Facebook and a more marked difference on Instagram with 65% female to 35% male.

3. The largest age group active on social media is the 18-24 year group with 25-34 years a close second.


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4. There is close to 100% mobile penetration on Social Media channels with Google’s Android being the most widely used operating system at 80% compared to Apple’s iOS at 20%.

5. Most mobile users connect to Social Media channels using 3G networks, with Wifi a distant second and 4G gaining ground.


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